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URTEK WATER TECHNOLOGIES S.L. is an engineering company dedicated to the design, execution, assembly and start up of water treatment facilities. We also do water chemical conditioning and supply  chemical products if needed.

URTEK WATER TECHNOLOGIES S.L. is our brand new  project where our enthusiasm and efforts are invested.. The working team have a wide experience on the water field. In fact between 15 and 25 years designing, assembling and doing facilities  preventive maintenance.

Following tasks are mainly performed  (see more details under Services) : 

  • Design , installation , maintenance and improvement of facilities. Wastewater treatment process , including recovery, reuse and purification .
  • Supply of materials (sand, activated carbon , resins , valves, etc.) for water treatment facilities .
  • Supply of chemical products.
  • Treatment and purification of industrial waste water
  • Treatment Facilities membrane ( ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis)
  • Softening , demineralization , iron removal and selective retention
  • Flow control collection boxes , flow totalizer and registration with Continuous

We kindly invite to contact us  for any kind of  work related to water. You will always have our full cooperation and support to your requests.